Why recycle solar modules?

Our goal is a green energy supply through photovoltaics. Through our recycling process, we close the raw material cycle of photovoltaics and thus create a valuable contribution to improving the resource efficiency and CO2 balance of solar modules.

Solar modules contain a variety of raw materials such as glass, aluminum, various plastics, silicon, copper and silver. Especially the functional materials of solar cells, silicon and silver, are lost through current recycling processes and end up in landfills. SOLAR MATERIALS’ recycling process is the first in the world to recover all raw materials from solar modules in an economical and energy-efficient way.

Aluminum is found primarily in the frame of solar modules and accounts for about 13% of the mass. The recovered aluminum can be fed to the manufacturing industry.

Silver er makes up 0.07% of the total mass of the solar module. This is mainly found on the conductor paths. After recycling, the silver can be used again for technical applications.

The busbars and the connecting cables of a solar module contain 1% copper. New cables, for example, can be made from the recovered copper.

Various plastics are processed in solar modules. The most commonly used plastics are EVA and PVF. In general, plastics make up about 8% of the total mass.

Silicon converts the radiant energy of sunlight into electrical current through the photoelectric effect. The silicon we recover is processed into pure silicon by our partner JPM Silicon.

The front glass of a solar module serves to protect the cells from environmental influences and accounts for around 75% of the total mass. Through our new recycling approach, we recover the glass in high purity.


We are a start-up from Magdeburg that deals with the recycling of solar modules. We develop technologies to recycle photovoltaic modules (PV modules) cleanly and economically. By using physical-mechanical processes, we avoid the use of cost-intensive and less sustainable chemicals. Our goal is the complete recovery of all raw materials.


On 28.06.2021 SOLAR MATERIALS GmbH was entered in the Braunschweig Commercial Register.
Investment by bmp
In October 2021, bmp Ventures AG invested in SOLAR MATERIALS GmbH with IBG RKF III.
Patent application
On 10.11.2021 the patent application of our process was filed at the German Trademark and Patent Office.
Registration of the trademark
In November 2021 SOLAR MATERIALS was registered as a word-picture trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office.


Operations & Business Development

Fridolin Franke

Research & Development

Jan Bargel

Strategy & Organization

Dr.-Ing. Jan-Philipp Mai


SOLAR MATERIALS GmbH Paul-Ecke-Straße 4 39114 Magdeburg

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RESCUE research project between SOLAR MATERIALS and Fraunhofer CSP

Together with Fraunhofer CSP, SOLAR MATERIALS is investigating the efficient recycling of solar modules in the RESCUE project through computer-aided and data-driven process optimization. The project is supported by IB-Sachsen-Anhalt with funds from the ESI-Fond EFRE. In addition to improving energy efficiency, the goals of the research project are to achieve higher grade purity of individual raw material fractions for our industrial recycling technology.


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